SUN 11th oct 2020


Burton St, Milsons Point NSW 2061


ZUKO, short for ZUGA KOSAKU is a handmade ceramics studio based in Sydney’s Glebe. 

Beginning life 16 years ago ZUKO takes its playful Japanese name from the traditional art & craft class taught throughout Japan’s elementary schools.


ZUKO’s bespoke pieces include large & small cups & mugs, plates & bowls, dishes, platters & vases. Each is individually handmade using Australian clay and unique Japanese glazes. No two items are ever identical.


From single one-off pieces, which make great personal gifts to large matching sets that cater for cafes & restaurants, ZUKO’s work is functional, durable and collectible. 

ZUKO’s ceramics are all organic, vegan, kosher, free-range, artisan, bespoke, halal, gluten-free, with no MSG. They are non-GMO, wabi-sabi, no wasabi, fair-trade approved with no preservatives; ying-yang, no ping-pong and lactose-free. The ceramics have no added sugar, no hormones, are gluten-free, bio-dynamic, BPA-free, dolphin friendly, whale friendly, galah friendly, pigeon friendly, koala friendly, and biodegradable- eventually.


ZUKO ceramics are at one with Mother Earth; they are a personal stand against Star Wars, a move toward peace & love; a mind-body statement, full of balance, harmony and joy. ZUKO ceramics are proudly IKEA-free and suitable for everyone, everywhere.

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