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Inspired by the sensational 80’s Japanese action, crime & mystery anime series Cat’s Eye. Sisters Hitomi, Rui & Ai lead a double life as a trio of highly skilled art thieves who also run a Tokyo cafe called “Cat’s Eye”. I recently rediscovered this incredible anime with their shocking outfits & these cool message cards, delivered before each art heist.


*Each ZUKO item gives you a single freebee.

For example: 2 cups means 2 freebees!


Shipping Details

Shipping is free within Australia ONLY.

For all Overseas deliveries shipping will be calculated automatically & there is maximum order of 2kg or about 4 items.

We normally ship the next business day.


Within Australia:

3-5 days for delivery.

To New Zealand:

5-14 days for delivery.

To USA / Canada / Germany / UK / Netherlands:

3-4 weeks for delivery.


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