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Reusable Ceramic Bento & Sushi Partitions. Normally these “Baran”バラン are single use disposable plastic which imitate garnish. This ceramic “Baran” are coloured with a traditional Japanese green glaze called Oribe.

Handmade using Australian Stoneware Clay.
Fired at 1280°C with unique Japanese Glazes.
As pieces are handmade, no two pieces are identical therefore each ordered piece may vary somewhat from the pictures.
Dishwasher safe but handwash is safest. 
Price includes Free postage Australia wide.



H:5.7cm W:7.5cm ±0.3cm


Shipping Details

Shipping is free within Australia ONLY.

For all Overseas deliveries shipping will be calculated automatically & there is maximum order of 2kg or about 4 items.

We normally ship the next business day.


Within Australia:

3-5 days for delivery.

To New Zealand:

5-14 days for delivery.

To USA / Canada / Germany / UK / Netherlands:

3-4 weeks for delivery.


We use recycled cardboard boxes, newspaper and biodegradable bubble wrap.

ZUKO Reusable Baran

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